Coalescing filters are used in a variety of industries. Also known as coalescers, these filters help separate solid and liquid contaminants such as sulfur, ethane, methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor from industrial process fluids. In the natural gas industry, a natural gas coalescing filter helps remove fine particulate matter and liquid droplets from the natural gas stream. An industrial device, the coalescer, is a precision filtration system that helps maintain the quality of the final product.   Typically, it is used in:

  • Storage facilities that protect downstream equipment from damage
  • Gas processing facilities 
  • Pipelines

How do coalescing filter elements work?

The coalescing filter works on the principle of liquid separation from gas as well as liquid separation from the liquid. This kind of filter is best used in the aerosol/emulsified dispersed phase. This uses a specially structured porous barrier for the process of coalescence. These special structures consist of coated/non-coated polymeric fibers in a non-woven construction. The adsorptive feature of these fibers enables the small molecules to link with the larger ones. As a result of this, the larger molecules are then separated by mechanical or inertial impact separation.

Where are coalescing filters best used?

Coalescing filters are best used in the following applications:

Petrochemical Industry: A coalescing filter is used in this industry to clear the process fluids, fuels and lubricants from water, oil and other contaminants that get mixed up in the gas stream.  

Compressed Air Systems: A coalescing filter keeps compressed air systems free of moisture and oil as these contaminants can cause corrosion and equipment damage. 

Natural Gas Processing: In this setup, a coalescing filter is typically used to get rid of oil, water and other contaminant that get mixed up in the gas stream. With the help of a coalescing filter, you can be sure that the gases are safely transported through pipelines.

Power Generation: Equipment such as turbines has to be contamination-free for it to run without downtime. Coalescing filters help in removing contaminants from lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids and fuels to maintain the efficiency of the system.

Chemical Processing: Coalescing filters have a very important role to play in removing impurities from the process streams as solvents, resins and polymers must be kept free from contamination.

Is there a recommended Indian coalescing filter manufacturer?

Sungov Engineering is a leading Indian coalescing filter manufacturer, who offers coalescers in both vertical and horizontal configuration. Adept at advanced filtration technology, Sungov Engineering offers coalescers as part of skid mounted package too. The company produces highly effective and doubly reliable filtration and separation systems that ensure better equipment life, leading to greater cost savings.

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