In industrial processes where there is gas and liquid separation involved, the filter separators with coalescing filters play a major role. With these devices, you can easily remove solid and liquid contaminants from gas streams, guaranteeing that the gas is clean and suitable for processing. In our blog here, we will discuss what are filter separators and also how the natural gas coalescing filter works. 

Basics of Filter Separators with Coalescing Filters

A filter separator with a coalescing filter is a device that brings together two kinds of filters: a separator and a coalescer. The separator helps in the removal of solid and liquid contaminants from the gas stream, while the coalescer helps in removing liquid droplets and mist from the gas stream.

The Working of the Filter Separators with Coalescing Filters 

Filter Separator

Filter separators with coalescing filters operate based on the principle of inertial separation and coalescence. When the gas stream enters the filter separator at high velocity, the velocity reduces in a large chamber. When the velocity is reduced, inertia causes the solid and liquid contaminants to settle down to the bottom of the chamber. A drain then clears the settled contaminants from the chamber.

When this initial separation is complete, the gas stream is then directed toward the coalescing filter. This filter is made using multiple layers of fibrous materials that help in trapping the liquid droplets and mist. When the gas stream moves through these layers, the droplets and mist coalesce into larger droplets. These droplets then fall to the bottom of the filter and are then removed through a drain. 

What are the Benefits of having Filter Separators with Coalescing Filters?

Apart from the fact that filter separators with coalescing filters can easily remove solid and liquid contaminants from gas streams, they help in ensuring that the gas is free of impurities. This is directly related to improving the efficiency of downstream processes.

The filter separators with coalescing filters are easy maintenance and operation. With minimal maintenance this system can operate seamlessly without interruption, making this an ideal setup for industrial applications where there can be no possibility of downtime. 

The Filter Separators and Coalescers Sungov Engineering has to offer

This blog gave you a quick overview of how filter separators with coalescing filters can work as an important component in industrial processes where there is a requirement for gas and liquid separation. While filter separators and coalescing filters offer a quick and reliable way to get rid of contaminants from gas streams, you need a reliable partner to help you achieve this goal. 

This is where Sungov Engineering comes in. With over four decades of experience, Sungov can offer filter separators and coalescers as part of a skid-mounted package that includes piping, instrumentation, valves and automation, pre-filters and most of all a trouble-free operation from start to finish.  All Filter Separators are designed to ASME BPVC Code and can be offered with ASME Code stamping. Call our experts today and we will be happy to assist your process.

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