Centrifugal Separators

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Centrifugal Separators, also called Disc Stack Centrifuges, utilize centrifugal separation principle to achieve separation. That is, they employ centrifugal forces to accelerate sedimentation of solid particles or liquid droplets.

Lube oil separators, milk fat separators (cream separators), fuel oil separators, marine oil (onboard ship) separators, fish oil separators are some of the most common applications of Centrifugal Separators. Sungov manufactures these Centrifugal Separators in purifier and clarifier configurations. Sungov offers two types of separators currently, a manual cleaning bowl centrifuge and a self-cleaning bowl centrifuge. Depending on the application, either model with either configuration is offered to the customer.

Model No.TypeConfigurationApplication
SJP-12CManual BowlClarifierSeparate solids from oil/fuel
SJP-12PManual BowlPurifierSeparate solids and water from oil/fuel
SJP-22CSelf-Cleaning BowlClarifierSeparate solids from oil/fuel
SJP-22PSelf-Cleaning BowlPurifierSeparate solids and water from oil/fuel

The biggest advantage of Centrifugal Separators over other separation technologies is the lack of routine consumables like filter elements, not to mention the downtime for cleaning or replacing the filter elements. Hence, Centrifugal Separators (self-cleaning type) are best suited to continuous flow operations.

Sungov can custom design Oil Conditioning Systems to include a Centrifugal Separator stage. Such a typical system may include a Centrifugal Separator, a heater, and a feed pump with Strainer. These systems are offered as a portable oil filter cart for treatment of working fluids like lube oil, hydraulic oil, and similar applications. Treated oils can be performance tested to comply with ISO 4406 cleanliness scale.

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