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Strainers, consisting of Y (Wye), Basket (Bucket), T (Tee), Conical & Duplex types, are specialty pipeline products for protection of capital industrial equipment. They are primarily used on pump suction, upstream of heat exchanger, control valve and other critical equipment sensitive to pipeline rust, scale or other solid contaminants in liquid or gas flow.

Strainers are Sungov’s birth product i.e. Sungov Engineering was incorporated with the mission to develop and manufacture Y and Basket Strainer product range. A typical strainer assembly consists of a pressure retaining body & cover, a screen, a gasket or seal and/or bolting to fasten the cover to the body.

Sungov manufactures industrial strainers in all possible combinations and features. The standard range includes:

  • Pipeline sizes from DN15 (1/2”) to DN1500 (60”)
  • Cast, forged or welded construction
  • Pressure ratings from ASME Class 75 to ASME Class 2500
  • Flanged, threaded, butt-weld end connections
  • Screen ratings from Mesh 200 wire mesh to 9mm hole perforated plate
  • Diverse metallurgies: carbon steel (WCB, A105), low temperature carbon steel (LCC, A350), austenitic stainless steel (CF3, CF3M), austenitic-ferritic (duplex) stainless steel (4A, 6A), nickel alloys (CW6MC), copper alloys (C95800)

Note: Specification summary above is not exhaustive, other specifications including different materials of construction may be possible. Contact us today for your requirements.

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