Quick Opening Closures

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Quick opening closures (QOC) are engineered doors with quick action mechanism, used for quickly accessing pipelines or pressure vessels without the need of conventional tools. Typical applications are end closures for pig launchers & receivers (scrapper trap doors), pressure vessel end closures (filter vessel quick open closures) and blow down lines end closures. Sungov designs and manufactures three types of quick opening closures namely Seg-Band Type (segmented band locking type), Clamp Type (double yoke type) and Swing Bolt Type closures.

Our Seg-Band Type and Clamp Type closures are designed in accordance with ASME Sec VIII Div. 1 UG-35 requirements. This means, inherent to the QOC design is the inclusion of a pressure warning device as well mechanical safety interlock to avoid inadvertent opening of closures under pressure. This ensures safety to the operator and the environment.

The closure seal is a uniquely engineered seal which is designed to provide maximum sealing protection under high pressure as well as high temperature. Closures can be offered with ASME Code stamping (Part MDR) as option.

Seg-Band TypeClamp TypeSwing Bolt Type
SizeDN 200 to DN 1200DN 150 to DN 1000DN 150 to DN 1000
PressureASME #150 to #1500ASME #150 & #300ASME #150 to #600
MaterialsSA 350 LF2SA 350 LF2SA 516 70N/SA 105N
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