Water plays a very important part in petrochemical, power and desalination industrial plants. But there is always a worry of impurities in water causing a clog. A clog in an industrial plant spell decrease in the efficiency of the production lines. In critical fluid circuits where the option of a shutdown is not a possibility, the need for an industrial self-cleaning filter becomes indispensable. 

The Functioning of the Self-Cleaning Water Filter System

Sungov Engineering manufactures self-cleaning filter systems that utilize the natural principles of fluid flow from high pressure to low pressure. The filter features a Differential Pressure Transmitter that sends a signal to the control system. A control system could be the local control panel (with PLC/PID/Relay control) or a remote plant DCS with an appropriate Control Logic or both. 

This control system triggers the backwash valve opening together with motorized backwashing pipeline rotation. This is how the filter cleaning process is automated, hence the automatic self-cleaning filter. This enables you to have control over high instances of solid contamination without any trouble.  

Operational Cycles in Automatic Self-Cleaning Filtration

Industrial self-cleaning filters manufactured by Sungov Engineering are based on two operational cycles – the filtering cycle and the self-cleaning or backwashing cycle. 

Filtering Cycle: 

The impure water enters through the inlet nozzle and flows through the filter elements. The water exits the vessel through the outlet nozzle. The cycle persists till the filter reaches the differential pressure (preset).

Self-Cleaning Or Backwashing Cycle: 

When the filter reaches the set differential pressure this cycle activates. The control system opens the backwash valve along with geared motor rotation. This aligns the backwash pipe assembly under the filter elements. The process of cleaning takes place when the differential pressure between the backwash pipeline and the system enables the opened backwash valve to discharge fluid from the inside surface of the filter elements. This process is successively carried out on all the available filtering elements. 

Why You Must Choose Sungov for Your Industrial Self-Cleaning Filters

If you are looking to purchase or upgrade your industrial self-cleaning filter for your petrochemical, desalination and power processes, then you must have the right fit. Sungov Engineering, with its extensive experience, makes sure that you have the following points checked in your self-cleaning filtration requirements.

Low Filter Maintenance: Our filters perform vigorously 24/7 and reduce operational expenditure for you  

High-Specification: With no stop and high filtration, our filters enable optimal cleaning and better self-cleaning performance 

Customized Self-Cleaning: Your plant is assured better self-cleaning efficiency and filtration since we can design and manufacture filters that work specifically for your process plant requirement

Cathode Protection: Filter elements serve you longer (must be specified)

High Torque Self-Cleaning: The low-powered geared motors enable better efficiency and minimal energy consumption 

Improved Resistance to Corrosion: The use of Exotic Materials safeguards filter from seawater corrosion. Rubber-lined option as a low-cost alternative

Customize Control System: Choose among PID-based, PLC based and relay-based controls for your automation
Call us today to learn more about how Sungov Engineering can help you set up industrial self-cleaning filters for your process.

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