If you are from the oil and natural gas industry, then you will agree with us when we say that pipelines play a major role in this industry. Transporting crude oil, natural gas and refined products uses pipelines as the major method of transport. Routine maintenance such as inspection and cleaning is necessary and the pig launcher and receiver will help you do just that. Before beginning, it is important to pig a pipeline before installing and operating a pig launcher and receiver. 

What is Expected when Building Pig Launchers and Receivers?

Pig launcher and receiver manufacturers have the following reasons in mind:

  • Improving the performance of the pipeline and reducing corrosion internally
  • Separating different products 
  • Emptying pipelines
  • Displacing the line contents
  • Use of an inline inspection tool to carry out an internal inspection

How do Pigs Work in Pipelines

Pigs usually have a larger bore than the pipe and this helps them to scrap the pipe surface as it moves along. The scraper launcher and receiver allow easy loading and unloading of pigs in a pipeline system without causing disruption to the flow of the medium. Pig launcher and launcher traps help initiate the pig tool into the pipeline, which is then pushed by the driving fluid to clean the pipeline. Generally, a pig launcher is positioned where a pig is supposed to enter the pipeline and a pig receiver is placed where the pig is intended to exit. This is called the launcher receiver pipeline.  

It is essential to pig the pipelines in order to ensure better performance of your pipelines. While a gas pipeline may not be pigged often, a crude oil line can require pigging as often as every day.

QOC Doors

A significant part of a scraper launcher and receiver function is based on the Quick Opening Closure door. Certain processes must be followed when launching and receiving pigs. Certain valves have to be opened and closed in their proper sequence to vent out high-pressure liquids or gases. This is an instance where a highly explosive environment is created and must be handled carefully. Quick Opening Closure doors are engineered doors that come with a pressure warning device along with a mechanical safety interlock. These doors must have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and at the same time provide maximum sealing protection for extreme applications. 

How can Sungov help in the quick, efficient and safe operation of your pig launcher and receiver pipeline

  • Everything you need for a pig launcher and receiver piping layout from A to Z
  • Fabrication, testing and assembly are done at our facility
  • Use of the latest 2D and 3D CAD drawings to be on top of the game
  • Inhouse Factory Acceptance Tested and met safety, industrial and government standards and regulations as required 
  • Lesser installation time means quicker set up on site
  • Greater accuracy and reduced project costs  

If you are looking for a Pig Launcher and Receiver for your facility, then look no further. Call us now!

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