If you belong to the oil, energy and gas sector, you will realize the importance of a trusted Quick Opening Closure (QOC) manufacturer. QOCs are widely used for critical components of pipeline and vessel applications such as pig launcher/receiver, natural gas filter separators, decompression chambers, fuel conditioning skids, coalescers, thermal processing equipment, blow down lines end closures and pressure vessels. This is why you just can’t take a chance and having a trusted, safe and dedicated quick opening closure manufacturer by your side becomes imperative. 

Sungov Engineering is that partner who has your back. Well, always! Supported by extensive research and cutting-edge design, we bring you quick opening closure types in accordance to the most stringent international standards for oil, gas and petrochemical industries such as, ASME Sec VIII Div. 1 UG-35 requirements. We believe in the synergy of all our products and fulfill customer expectations in terms of quality, cost efficiency and better turnaround time.

Quick Opening Closure Types Produced by Sungov Engineering

You can now access pressure pipelines safely, quickly and easily. Thanks to our 30 plus years of experience, you can rest assured that technically and economically you get the best quick opening closure options, in both vertical and horizontal positions. 

Our team is accomplished at designing, fabricating and manufacturing three types of Quick Opening Closure, such as Seg-Band Type (segmented band locking type), Clamp Type (double yoke type) and Swing Bolt Type closures.

Seg-Band Type

Processing pressure vessels is now as easy as opening a door, with Sungov Engineering’s segmented band locking system. This quick opening closure design allows a single operator to operate a closure in the minimal time possible and without the use of any special tools. The segmented band type locking mechanism enables better safety and security while ensuring the job is done quickly when compared to the traditional blind flange type of locking mechanism. The safe design ensures that the doors will open only if there is absolutely no pressure inside. A quick refresher of the special features in our seg-band type QOC design is as below:

  • Self-energizing engineered closure seal
  • Segmented locking mechanism
  • Non-threaded closure
  • Adjustable door that is fully supported with lifting mechanism and davit arm
  • Secondary safety latch
  • Pressure warning device

Clamp Type

With its rapid closure mechanism, the clamp type closure produced by Sungov Engineering is a lightweight yet robust engineering product that provides single-handed operations and a no-fuss opening/closing functionality. The smooth operation of the clamps and the effective containment of high pressure brings about a successful and efficient operation. Some features of our clamp type closures are as follows:

  • Forged & hinged flat head
  • Spilt-yoke clamps
  • Forged hub
  • Operating bolts
  • O-ring seal
  • Stainless steel/carbon and alloy steels/exotic steels (Hastelloy, Inconel)

We offer all types of quick opening closures with ASME Code stamping (Part MDR) as an option.

If you want more information about our quick opening closures, then feel free to call us. We will be happy to assist you.

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