Easy, quick and safe to operate, the quick-opening closures manufactured by Sungov Engineering are by far the most critical components of the oil and gas pipeline systems. We are adept at designing and manufacturing this type of closure, in accordance with the most stringent international standards for oil, gas and petrochemical industries such as ASME Sec VIII Div. 1 UG-35 requirement. Our quick-opening closures are built using a wide variety of ASTM/ASME materials including stainless steel, carbon steel and exotic materials for various fluid services.  

What are Quick Opening Closures (QOC):

QOCs are specially designed engineered doors that feature quick action mechanisms. The primary purpose of these doors is to access pressure vessels and pipelines quicker than conventional methods (standard blind flange). The following are some applications where the quick opening closures are put to use:

Kinds of QOC designed and manufactured by Sungov Engineering 

The quick action mechanism designed by our skilled engineers, enables you to access pressure pipelines quickly, safely and easily. Considering vertical or horizontal positions, we concentrate on three types of quick opening closures namely Seg-Band Type (segmented band locking type), Clamp Type (double yoke type) and Swing Bolt Type closures.

  • Seg-Band Type:

The segmented band type of locking mechanism ensures quicker, greater security and safety operations as opposed to the blind flange type of locking mechanism. The inherently safe design of the segmented band locking type of quick opening closures ensures that the doors do not open unless the pressure inside is completely released. The non-threaded closures offer superior security than threaded closures. Our segmented band closures come with a completely adjustable door, a secondary safety latch and a self-energizing engineered closure seal that is capable of withstanding high temperatures for severe applications. Further, a pressure warning device that comes with our quick opening closure prevents accidental opening of closures. 

  • Clamp Type

The clamp-type or the double yoke type of closure enables smooth and easy single-handed operations. With the clamp type of closure, rest assured, there is no hammering or tugging heavy flanges or tussles with bulky threads and lugs. The efficient and direct maneuvering ensures that it is now possible to open the largest of units in an instant. The clamp-type of closures consists of the following:

  • Forged & hinged flathead
  • Spilt-yoke clamps
  • Forged hub
  • Operating bolts
  • O-ring seal

We offer all types of quick opening closures with ASME Code stamping (Part MDR) as an option.

What Are the Maintenance Procedures for The Quick Opening Closures

To maintain the pressure seal, the quick opening closures use the O-ring. Oftentimes, it so happens that the upset pressure conditions or mishandling damage the O-ring, which makes it vital to keep a spare O-ring for replacement handy. For a longer service life following are some points you must remember:

  • The sealing surfaces must be lightly lubricated
  • The painted surface of the QOC must be kept painted properly at all times
  • A weather protectant must cover all non-painted surfaces

With over 30 years of experience, Sungov Engineering is capable of offering a comprehensive range of professional services, including helping you choose the economic and industrial standard quick opening closures for your application. Call us today to know more!  

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