Oil cleanliness is an absolute necessity for industrial applications as contamination can result in poor equipment performance and in the worst case scenario, a complete equipment breakdown. Contaminants such as grit, dust, water and rust let in by unprotected vents and gaps can bog down a system without a pertinently designed Oil Filtration System. The damaging results of moisture and particulate matter can significantly reduce the life of critical wear components. Such as gears, engine pistons, high-speed drive shafts apart from clogging small bore nozzles like fuel injectors. To mitigate these risks, it is important that preventive measures are engineered into your fluid system. Sungov Engineering offers a host of solutions for your fuel, oil conditioning and filtration needs. 

What Can Sungov Engineering Offer?

Oil Conditioning Skids

To control contamination as outlined above, to improve product quality and most importantly, to safeguard critical process assets, Sungov Engineering brings to you standard as well as custom-built solutions. Based on the actual use case, we recommend products with suitable technology and cost-effective and optimal solutions. 

Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems: are effective at conditioning turbine oil used in the lubrication of steam and gas turbines rotor components

Diesel Oil Filtration Systems for Diesel Engines: for filtration of diesel fuels before combustion in industrial diesel engines

Fuel/Water Separation Skids: helps in providing clarified fuel (removal of moisture/water) in off-line fuel tanks and fuel transfer locations

Sungov Engineering’s oil filtration systems offer both portable and stationary configurations to ensure appropriate contamination control. 

Applications Of Oil Purification Systems Designed and Manufactured By Sungov Engineering

We have the proven efficiency and reliability to cater to a wide range of product streams as well as processes with our skid-mounted oil conditioning systems. Each product design combines technology and features that are accurately designed to suit various fluid applications. 

Our engineered skid-mounted separation systems have major uses in process plants such as oil refineries, thermal power plants, and steel plants for diesel fuel treatment, fuel oil purification, and lube oil filtration. 

The cart-mounted industrial filtration and separation system works best for the treatment of working fluids such as gear oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil and similar applications. The treated oils are performance tested to comply with the ISO 4406 cleanliness scale. 

Offline oil filtration systems from Sungov Engineering comprise circulating pumps upstream of a filter and/or heater and/or centrifugal separator module. These are ideal for controlling water and particulate contaminants in a storage tank. Also known as Kidney Loop Oil Filtration. This is a self-sufficient system where the fluid is drawn from the lowest level in the oil tank with the help of a pump. It flows through relevant modules and then returns as clean oil back to the tank. In this process, the fluid in the storage tank is purified and clarified over time. 


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved lifetime for components
  • Lower maintenance and operation costs
  • Reduces the need for an expensive oil change

Our team of designers and engineers has extensive knowledge to craft oil and fuel conditioning solutions for your processes. We continuously partner with our clients to mitigate any filtration challenges that can arise unexpectedly. Our expertise lies in the areas of chemical, mechanical, electric and control engineering. We are adept at bringing fuel conditioning product solutions that work best for you. Call us now to understand how we can help you better! Visit for more details.

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