Azito Energie SA
Grupo Cobra
Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

EPC COBRA INSTALACIONES Y SERVICIOS S.A was awarded AZITO’s PHASE IV COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT EXPANSION PROJECT. This power plant has been operational since 1999 by Azito Energie. With this project they had expanded from a single cycle to a combined-cycle power plant thereby increasing the plant’s capacity to 453 MW and increasing the overall energy- efficiency rate from 29.5% to 44%.

Our scope was Liquid Fuel Unloading Skid & Unloading Bay Skid to unload the diesel from the truck to their storage tank for their power plant.

The system consists of truck grounding device, flexible piping to connect to the truck, suction fuel filters, fuel pumps, valves, instruments and a control system including an easy-to-use HMI (human machine interface with graphical representation) all mounted on a suitable skid frame. Due credence to Human Factors Engineering (HFE) was given while designing and selecting the equipments for these skids. The design also considered the maximum allowable nozzle loads at skid edges to ensure the member equipment are not under undue stress during operation. Sufficient redundancies were built into the system to ensure fail-safe operations during key equipment maintenance/breakdown.

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