Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)
MECON Limited

Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) is an integrated gas company involved in gas processing as well gas transmission and distribution. The ~1700km multi-state pipeline Mumbai-Nagpur-Jharsuguda project is expected to have a capacity of 16.5 MMSCMD with an additional built in capacity of at least 4.12 MMSCMD.

Our scope of supply was 37 nos. of Quick Open Closures (QOC) for a gas blowdown pipeline which would allow for a planned (in case of a planned maintenance shutdown) or unplanned (in case of emergencies for safety) release of high-pressure hydrocarbon gas to atmosphere from the infrastructure. These high-pressure quick opening end closures were installed at the top of such safety-critical blowdown lines with a facility to operate each closure at a height of 3 meters from platform level.

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